Colorado Exotic Weed Market can be browsed without registration. You only need to place your and when you wish to buy on the market.

Is it an online drug market? Well, it sells Cannabis, Stimulants, Opioids, Tobacco, Steroids and so much more, so, I guess it is. It’s a complete darknet market and not just limited to drugs. It has over 700 items listed in its “drug” category.

Anyone can Buy on Colorado Exotic Weed Market, they only need to deposit its $300.00 fee. This is non-refundable to keep scammers at bay. 

Both Bitcoin and Monero and Bank Transfer are accepted for payments. It’s wallet-less which almost eliminates exit-scam risks.

It even mixes all buyer payments for free. Meaning, whatever a buyer pays isn’t sent to the vendors. Rather, new/unrelated coins are sent to the vendors and the buyer’s funds are stored with the market.


It also features a very impressive search-panel. Finding the exact drug you need is extremely easy. You can filter shipping source & destination, escrow type, and even specify a minimum-maximum price range.

It also allows selling drugs and other commodities on the market. Buyers need to deposit after order made which is non-refundable. This also makes sure that most Buyers are legit, hence preventing scams and fraud on the market.

The market is very secure. It allows 2-FA via PGP. Security too can be set for Tracking your package after you place an order. It also provides very transparent vendor-histories. So users can verify the legitimacy of a site before placing orders.

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